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Most Popular Girls Costume - Frozen Anna and Elsa!

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on

The most popular characters for children of all time - Frozen is the perfect Halloween costume for girls!


Out with the princesses! in with the beautiful and powerful Elsa who can manipulate snow and Ice and if her beauty has not dazzled you I'm sure the tune of “let it go”will!

What you will need

If you're serious about pulling off Elsa's look, then you'll have to EITHER embrace her Scandinavia roots and go blonde OR if you already have golden locks, simply fashion your strands into a side-swept braid. If not, then the Elsa costume wig by Allaura will complete the look we have you covered!

Because Elsa's dress is so recognisable you can either purchase offline, hire or put together your own ensemble, Elsa's glittering blue dress is the focal point of her look, but if you can't find one that's already sparkly, then simply find a solid blue dress and douse yourself in glitter. After all, half the fun of Halloween is covering yourself in obscene amounts of sequins and/or fake blood. This strapless maxi offers a little twist on Elsa's long sleeve gown. The cold never bothered you, anyways!

A fluttery cape is an essential accessory for any queen. It's regal without being fussy like crowns that dig into your scalp! If you can’t find one online or in store make your own then you can either sew or attach with safety pins.

Elsa lives in an ice palace, so it only makes sense that all of her makeup comes in frosted hues. But aside from her rosy pink lips and lilac lids, the Snow Queen is otherwise fresh faced, which means that you should skip the bronzer for a spot-on impression.


Despite being the main character, Princess Anna does not have the most visually recognisable outfit. That means that the streets will be crowded with kids and adults dressed up as the more visually unique characters, like Elsa with her ice gown and Olaf, the living snowman.

This is all the more reason to opt for a Princess Anna of Arendelle costume for Halloween.

What you will need

If you one of the lucky ones with naturally long hair them you can attach a blonde clip in extension into your hair to look like anna white streak and braid your hair on either side to look like anna’s braids. If your hair is not long enough to braid then opt for the Anna Costume wig by Allaura.

You can do 1 of two options when it comes to Anna costume - purchase from store and have it ready made especially if your short on time. The second option is to buy it, looking in thrift shops for capes and a blue skirt you usually can find. You can buy a black singlet really cheap and using fabric paints draw the design onto the singlet, dig out your black boots and blue gloves and you are ready!

Anna’s make up is very simple, she hardly wears any, only some mascara, lip gloss and you can draw some freckles across her nose to complete the look!