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Rick and Morty - Hot 2018 Halloween Costume!

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on

One of the most popular costumes of 2018 for 2 buddies is Rick and Morty TV series.


Mortimer “morty”is the one of the two characters in Rick and Morty, he is the grandson of Rick and is often forced to tag along on his grandfather's various misadventures.

What you will need

Morty has short brown hair that he wears straight and neatly combed around his head, Mortys head is roughly the shape of a circle, if you can't get your hair into that shape then the mod costume wig will make it easy for you to keep that shape and character.

Morty usually wears a yellow tee shirt and blue jeans and white shoes which all can be found in your wardrobe or purchased.


This Grandpa is a scientific powerhouse and can create super high-tech inventions like brain-enhancing helmets and dream-invading devices. But, he’s so pessimistic that he sometimes ruins things in his life.

What you will need

Ricks hair is complete with shocked-up hair and the colour of the sky! Rick likes to wear his blue hair spiky! The Allaura costume wig is perfect for this.

Rick wears plain casual clothes underneath his white lab coat, a plain mint green sweater underneath his coat. Rick pairs his awesome colored sweater with casual brown pants. Don’t forget to wear a brown leather belt around your waist. A pair of black smart shoes and what mad scientist would go out without his pristine lab coat? To top the look bring one of Ricks hand invention, a portal gun!