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Top Couple Wigs of 2018 - Donald and Melania Trump

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on

Halloween is by far my favourite celebration of the year and 2018's top couple duo is Donald and Melania Trump!

Dressing up as Donald and Melania Trump for halloween is a great way to incorporate a little realism and good humor into your fantastical night.

What you will Need:


Absolutely essential to the Donald look is his hair long before his days in the political spotlight, Trump's hair had a following all of its own, so naturally the wig you choose for your costume is especially important. I recommend this one by Allaura.

The other iconic look with Donald Trump is his orange looking skin, you can achieve this look by purchasing your favorite temporary fake tan lotion that washes of in the shower or you can use a foundation that has a orange base to achieve this look. Leave the eyes white and around the mouth to give you that Donald Trump look.

Do not forget his suit with the red tie, which you can either pull out from the depths of your wardrobe or borrow from a friend and to complete the look the American Flag and red baseball cap!


What is Donald without Melania by his side, as a couple they do match up their styles, let's start with Melania’s hair if you weren't blessed like myself with luscious locks I recommend Allaura's wig to create Melania’s hair.

Melania’s look is clean and iconic , think jackie O, you can wear a black fitted blazer with skinny ponte pants and black singlet and finish with some sleek black heels.

Lets not forget Melania’s makeup, think clean and crisp, we want to look made up not overdone, top off with a red lip colour to match Donalds tie. Complete the look with wide brimmed sunglasses.