Green Wigs

Keep them green with envy and take best dressed in a green wig from The Wig Outlet. Whether you’re looking to create a show-stopping costume or glam up like a vixen, our collection will bring your character to life. Explore the expansive styles available to you on our online store and create a personality your friends and family won’t stop talking (or gawking) about.

Bring your alter ego to life with a green wig

Whether you’re looking to dress up like an evil villain, discover your ethereal inner self or find your own luck of the Irish, our green wigs will help you animate your costume with striking effect. However you like to style your costume, you can choose how extravagant you want to take your looks with wigs that are pre-styled and cut to hit your shoulders or one that cascades off your back.

Made from high-quality synthetic hair, our green wigs will retain their shape and can be easily trimmed to frame your face. Finished in natural-looking green hues to electric tones that can be seen from the back of the crowd, our collection will give you an extraordinary ability to style your look.

From a lace front to a traditional cap wig, we’ve sourced our collection of green wigs from leading international labels to outfit you in style for all your events. Resting comfortably on your head for all-day wear, our natural-wearing green wigs allow you to emulate the look of your favourite characters with fantastic realism.

Go bold or go home with a green wig from The Wig Outlet

Dressing to impress for themed events, book week or Halloween? The Wig Outlet boats a supreme range of green wigs to cover any look you can ideate. Explore an expansive collection to create whimsical costumes that draw attention and turn up the heat at your next event. And if you spend over $99, you can get your green wig delivered to your doorstep for free.

Need some inspiration for your next event? Shop for wigs by colour and apply wig care products to ensure your hairdo lasts the entire party season. If you have any questions, reach out to our team for personalised recommendations — we’re always happy to help.

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