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Iconic Halloween Couple - Sandy and Danny from Grease!

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on

Halloween is by far my favourite celebration of the year. What a better way to celebrate Halloween than with an iconic classic couple costume - Grease!


What you will need

When Summer Lovin' calls for some Greased Lightning, nothing says 70’s cool as Sandy and Danny with the iconic last scene of Grease!

Danny's hair is as popular as his Black T Bird Jacket, slicked sides and hair combed back is perfect for this look! The Grease rockstar Allaura wig is where you need to start for this look.

You will most probably have a tight black t-shirt, and tight black jeans, some black converse shoes that are in your wardrobe already, to make this look effortless to achieve and cost effective, to finish the look a leather jacket and your cooler than cool attitude!


What you will need

Who can forget the entrance of the newly made over Sandy in the final scene of Grease?! It sent chills that kept multiplying!!

Sandys hair went from a straight bob to a sexy curly hair do.  If you don't have the skill or the hair type to recreate the curl then the Sandy Grease blonde wig by Allaura will be perfect. Separate the curls and pin back the sides loosely.

To get Sandys sexy look start with tight black jeans, an off-the-shoulder black top, and red heels most of these items will be in your wardrobe already making this a very easy look to pull off! A smokey eye makeup with a red lipstick and hoop earrings to really nail this look!

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