1960s & 1970s Costume Wigs

Complex hairstyles evolved, elegant and graceful hairstyles like the Beehive. Short back combed hairstyles with a long fringe. Loose long hair or simple ponytail with daisy flowers, ribbons, beads and leather tie headbands in the Hippie phase (Long hair for men and women, centre part, big moustaches, Blue jeans and a tie-dyed tee shirt, leather and beading), Surfer look, Shaggy, All American girl next door was popular. Blonde colour popular and dark hair had highlights. Men had long and straight styles like The Beatles. Fun Flips, Bob, Mod (bright colours, mini skirts, bell bottom pants, high vinyl boots), Conservative (tartan plaid skirts), Space Travel influence (plastics and shiny metallic fabrics), Retro, Boogie, Disco (The Flat Top, The Crew Cut), Afro's, Go Go Girl, Dreadlocks, Bowl Cut, The Pageboy, French Twist.

Famous Characters of the 60's era include: Hairspray (The Musical), Twiggy, Austin Powers, Beatles, Neil Armstrong, Jim Morrison, The Supremes, Bridgette Bardot, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol, Dr Who, Malcom X, Star Trek, Sound of Music, James Bond, Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, JFK, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Peggy Sue, Mary Tyler Moore, June Carter and Johnny Cash, Maxwell Smart, Dreamgirls, Everly Brothers.

70's Hairstyles and fashion: Long, free and natural. Free falling curls, soft partings, long fringes. Men had feathered cuts, highlights, soft layers. Punk also prevailed - spiked hair, vivid dyed fluro colours, tattooed scalps, Mohawks. The Wedge, Pompadour, Sideburns, Platinum blonde hair, Cornrows, Disco Divas (3 piece suits, rayon or jersey wrap dresses, leotard), Feathered Tresses, Straight and Sleek, Fur Coats, Big Glasses, The Shag, The Mullet, The Afro, Up-Do's, Page Boy, platform shoes, high waist wide legged flared jeans, crop top, blazer. Big Daddy Pimp.

Famous People of the 70's include: Charlies Angels, Farah Fawcett, Dorothy Hamill, ABBA, Brady Bunch, John Travolta (Staurday Night Fever), Ozzy Osbourne, Bee Gees, Bo Derek, Whitney Houston, Playboy Heffner, The Partridge Family (Susan Dey), Sonny and Cher, Three's Company (Suzanne Sommers).

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