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While dressing up in fun, silly, spooky and sexy costumes are great for themed parties, events and Halloween, no costume is fully complete without a costume wig. From short costume wigs in natural colours like blonde, brunette, black and grey to long costume wigs in all the colours of the rainbow and even our pre-styled party wigs with curls, braids, spikes and accessories, our range of dress-up wigs is wide and diverse. Whatever your chosen character and whatever the occasion, The Wig Outlet is the place to go for all costume wigs online.

Costume wigs for celebrity dress-ups

When it comes to dressing up as a famous singer, actor or well-known personality, the canniness of your look can all come down to one simple aspect — the hair! Unlike fictional characters or animal dress-up outfits, the right costume wig can make or break your real-life-person costume. Without the blonde, comb-over, your Donald Trump costume is just another businessman. Without the crazy, up-standing white hair, your Albert Einstein look is just a scientist and without the purple, heart-styled party wig, your Katy Perry costume is really just a candy queen. With a range of costume wigs to match both well-known local and international celebrities across all industries, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an entire costume — the right wig from our collection with your existing clothes will do just the trick.

Instantly recognisable character wigs

We all know that real-life actors can look substantially different from the characters we see and love on screen, and having the right character wig can take your dress-up costume to the next level. Wearing a collared white shirt and a black dress just won’t cut it, complete your Wednesday Addams with a thin, black braided wig. A turquoise-blue dress and baby dragon props will fall flat; if you’re not wearing a long blonde wig with those signature braids to complete your Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones costume. And while you'll still look like a gnarly pirate in your brown leather boots and high-waisted pants, you’re only Captain Jack Sparrow with beaded brown locks and his classic red headscarf. Whatever your dress-up desires, officially complete your on-screen character look with a party wig from The Wig Outlet.  

Cosplay wigs for all your fantasy dress-up needs

Unlike, real-life celebrities and on-screen human characters, fantasy and cosplay character costumes can be significantly more difficult to get right without every part of the outfit on point — particularly the hair. While you might think your mermaid look has hit the nail on the head, you’re no Ariel from The Little Mermaid without her beautiful bright red locks. From long multicoloured curls with a unicorn horn to the distinctive platinum braid of Elsa from Frozen, fluffy pink troll spikes, Ursula’s spiked up white hair and Princess Fiona’s fiery red braid, we have the widest collection of cosplay wigs in Australia. Browse our range online today and enjoy the variety of our costume wigs available online.

All about The Wig Outlet

If you’re wondering where to buy costume wigs, fashion wigs, everyday wigs and hairpieces online, look no further than The Wig Outlet. With hundreds of wig styles, colours and types to choose from, we have been providing our customers and costume hire stores with high-quality wigs since 2005. By frequently updating our large range of wigs, you can be sure to find the latest look and styles for every occasion. Even after multiple washes and wears, our wigs are loved for their ability to bounce back into shape and their always silky feeling. Committed to keeping our prices low, the quality of our wigs high and our collection always up to date, finding the perfect luxury, fashion or party wig has never been easier than at The Wig Outlet.

Get your hands on the perfect party wigs today

Whether you’re dressing up as your favourite Hollywood celebrity, a lovable character from a movie or TV show or even a fantasy creature from comics or myths, our range of costume wigs online has the perfect wig for you. Browse our range today and enjoy our low prices and fast delivery to our Australian and international customers. What are you waiting for? The perfect look is only one wig away! 

We understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan — parties get cancelled and your planned costume idea may change. For whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your party wig, we offer a 30-day return and refund policy on all our wigs. For more information about our policies, costume wigs, caring for your new wig or the best way to wear your wig, please explore our website and get in touch with our team for any other questions you may have.

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