1980s Costume Wigs

The 80's hair era was famous for Mullets, Perms, Punk Rock, Mohawks, Crimping, Quifs, Frizz, Bangs, Side Ponytails, Rat Tails, Curls, Waves. It was the Age of Excess. The rebellious kind that followed Madonna - unconventional, choppy, off coloured, eccentric. Long bob curled under also popular.

Famous Characters of the 80's include: Madonna, Roxette, Cyndi Lauper, Dolly Parton, The Golden Girls, Let's Get Physical, Michael Jackson, Blondie, Smurfs, Prom Queen, Joan Jett, Boy George, Axl Rose, A Team, Wham, Alice Cooper, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Kurt Cobain, Pretty in Pink (Molly Ringwald), Cher, Rambo, Samantha Fox, Risky Business / Top Gun (Tom Cruise), Johnny Platten (footballer), KISS

80's fashion includes: Fishnet stockings, Fingerless gloves, Punk cuffs, Tattoo sleeves, Leopard, Denim jackets, Fluro, Shoulder Pads, Mini Skirts, Leg Warmers, Huge Earrings, Parachute Pants, Stretch Stirrup Pants, Oversized Tops, Extra Layers, Lots of Bracelets, Bandanna's, Blue eyeliner and Blue False Eyelashes.

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