Ponytail Hair Pieces

We get it, life can get too busy. But who says you can't have fabulous hair on the fly? Ponytail hair extensions are your go-to for quick, transformative looks, whether you're racing against the clock or just feeling like a change.

And it's not only about convenience. Wigs and hair extensions have long been champions of self-expression, confidence and adaptability. They offer everyone the chance to wear their mood, be it for an impromptu date night, a boost on a down day, or to address personal hair challenges. With our ponytail hair extensions, you're not only opting for a rapid style change but also ensuring it looks and feels just like the real deal.

Why you should choose our ponytail hair extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, we understand that both quality and variety matter immensely. Our collection is built upon these principles. Through diligent craftsmanship, each ponytail extension is designed to reflect the natural texture and radiance of real hair.

The diversity in our range ensures that no matter your style preference — be it the refined elegance of a straight look or the spontaneous charm of wavy locks — there's an option here tailored just for you. In a market saturated with choices, our ponytail hair extensions stand out, delivering a natural look while offering the versatility you need to suit any occasion or mood.

Choosing the right ponytail hair extension for you

With two top-tier brands to pick from, we understand how overwhelming the choice can be. Pro tip: visualise the look you want to achieve first, then factor in your hair type and length. Still unsure? No worries. The Wig Outlet is here to provide you with top-quality products and top-notch service so you know exactly what ponytail hair extension is right for you. 

The Allaura brand is made from low heat resistant synthetic fibre and can be straightened or curled to 180 degrees at a great price. Perfect for dance schools, theatre, or everyday wear to change your look and give your hair some body.

The Jon Renau brand are made from synthetic fibre that is NOT heat resistant. Great fashionable styles and lengths available in a huge range of colours. Please note we order all Jon Renau products in from the USA so delivery time is up to 14 days.

Styling made quick and easy

Gone are the days when ponytail hair extensions were just for adding length. With our collection, the possibilities are limitless. Pair them with different hairpieces, curl them, or straighten them. Create an intricate updo or a simple, sleek look. Experiment and let your imagination run wild.

Transform your locks with ponytail hair extensions from The Wig Outlet

That sleek and stunning ponytail is just a few clicks away; explore our collection and take your pick. If you’re curious to learn more about our wigs and hair extensions, our blog is packed with tips and insights. And for any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Your smooth shopping experience is our priority, so shop The Wig Outlet's range today.

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