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40 years of Bon Jovi - confessions of a 50 year old fan

40 years of Bon Jovi - confessions of a 50 year old fan

Posted by The Wise Wig Woman on 29th Apr 2024

I've just been watching the new Bon Jovi docuseries and wow ... what a wide ride of emotions & wonderful memories. 

I am a true Bon Jovi fan (aged 50) who was the classic teenager of the 80s, with her bedroom walls smothered in Bon Jovi posters and memorabilia, who only bought a tape player to play their cassettes, who sang into a hairbrush in front of the mirror along to their songs, who loved them so much she was nicknamed 'Bron Jovi' at school (my name is Bron), who has been to six of their concerts over the years including one in the second row which fulfilled a dream of mine ... aahhh, the memories. I swear Jon looked right at me at one stage (a lot of people feel the same and was one of Jon's many, many talents in winning over a crowd) and I definitely had some smiling/laughing interactions with Dave Bryan from my close position to the stage. Such a great night.

Their body of work literally has been the soundtrack of my life ... 

It's been a beautiful journey to watch their documentary series showing behind-the-scenes vision and hear all the inside stories, learn more about the band members and their personalities, antics, mindsets, trials, struggles ... seeing these rock gods as human leads to greater understanding and bonding as a global community.

The band's longevity and legacy is astounding ... 40 years since their first big hit "Runaway" was released in early 1984.

So congratulations to the band and especially their leader Jon Bon Jovi, still rocking and working hard at age 62.

Our rock god costume wig set is inspired by his 80s big hair look

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Never a bad thing to bring out the rocker in you ... rock on ...