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Rocking a Mullet Wig: Emulating An Iconic Look In Pop Culture

Rocking a Mullet Wig: Emulating An Iconic Look In Pop Culture

Posted by The Wise Wig Woman on 1st Nov 2023

Ah, the mullet. You may or may not be familiar with the hairstyle, but you’ve seen it at least once or heard the phrase: “Business in the front, party in the back.”

As is the case with all iconic things, the mullet is very divisive. The hairstyle is characterised by its short front and side hair pieces with significantly longer locks left down the back. It was named after the similar-looking mullet fish, which sported short fins and a long, flowing tail.

The hairstyle has a rich and significant history that may surprise you. It may even encourage you to rock the look with a mullet wig and make your own daring statement!

The history of the mullet hairstyle

  • The 1960s — We see the first semblances of the mullet as early as the ‘60s, worn by musicians growing their hair lusciously long and maintaining their bangs. Seen on musical icons like Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart, though most credit the perfection and popularisation of the hairstyle to glam rocker David Bowie.
  • The 1970s — Perhaps one of his most memorable and loved looks, Bowie rocks the mullet in an electrifying orange colour and short, sort of spiky front with the longer back pieces grazing his neck and shoulders in the 1973 music video for his song, “Life on Mars?”
  • The 1980s — From that moment onwards, the mullet rose in popularity and made appearances in music videos on top of the heads of musicians, men and women alike. It was adopted into various subcultures, most notably by the LGBTQ+ community that loved sporting the hairstyle as a statement of gender expression.
  • The 1990s — Unfortunately, the style saw a decline in the ‘90s as it became associated with negative stereotypes of “white trash” or just poor taste in general. Perhaps the decline was just a result of the natural course of trends.

The mullet in modern times

Rocked by artists who have inspired and continue to inspire the younger generations, it’s no surprise that we still see the mullet as a statement hairstyle. Back then and now, mullets are just so… punk.

They’re loud and make a statement in many ways — and maybe that’s why the mullet trend never really left. Worn in recent years by many celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Kanye West, David Beckham, Rihanna and Zendaya, the mullet has made a comeback, proving its lasting effect and standing as an iconic hairstyle.

You, too, can make a statement and let your inner rockstar out with a mullet! Although, admittedly, it’s not a look anyone can pull off. Luckily, you don’t have to fully commit to it to make a statement. You can simply wear one of our mullet wigs!

Say it with a wig

Mullets are a famously anti-establishment look embraced by people feeling disenfranchised and discontent — that’s what makes them so iconically rockstars. If you’ve got something to say, trying out a mullet wig is the perfect way to do it!

Mullet wigs are an excellent tool for storytelling and character portrayals, which is why you can see them used a lot on the runway, in pictorials, music videos and the like. They’ve been used to pay homage to famous people, both seriously or satirically, to make fun of certain stereotypes.

Additionally, mullet wigs are effective in setting the time in a story. Depending on how it’s styled, you can guess the story is happening within a certain period. If you need a costume and a mullet for a certain event or passion project, mullet wigs are a great cost-effective option for a quick change of your hair.

Some iconic looks you can recreate for costume parties with our mullet wigs:

  • The icon himself, David Bowie
  • Joan Jett
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Dolly Parton
  • Miley Cyrus

Rock a mullet and emulate these icons to pay homage to them or even as a parody for some laughs! The most crucial factor to pulling off these looks is making sure your wig looks real, and that’s why The Wig Outlet’s mullet wigs are ideal. 

Rocking the mullet hairstyle with The Wig Outlet

Our wigs look so real that when you put them on properly, they stay on your head, looking and feeling like your actual hair all day long. We love our 80’s Blonde and Brown Mullet Costume Wig for most costumes because it’s versatile and can be styled as needed.

You could go crazy with the back parts of the mullet reaching the neck or even past the shoulders. You could even rock the mullet with a choppy bang — it’s really up to you. There’s a mullet wig for everyone in our collection!

Shop mullet wigs at The Wig Outlet to bring out your inner rockstar

Get your hands on our high-quality mullet wigs that are washable and reusable so you can style and wear them many times, making them perfect for many costumes! They are made of premium heat-resistant synthetic fibre that’s lighter, cooler to wear than human hair, and safe to style with heated tools.

In fact, our wigs are used and loved by professional costume designers, so try out our mullet wigs before we run out of the style you’re looking for! We offer Australia-wide shipping and same-day dispatch for orders placed by 1 PM on weekdays.

Check out our Wig Care and Fashion Wig FAQs for more information on caring for our wigs.