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Our Wigs Look Like The Photo - Guaranteed!!!!

20th Jul 2012

We understand that your wig needs to look like it does in the photo when you open and try it on yeah?

Well, we can guaranatee you that all our Wigs Galore wigs we sell look EXACTLY like the photo - Wigs Galore have hired their own models and taken the wig straight out of the bag and put it on the model, with a 30 second styling with a brush and that's it! The colour and style is the exact colour featured.

Wigs Galore only use high quality fibre, many of the wigs in the range are made from the highest quality fibre available and are heat resistant so you can even use a blow dryer, GHD or curling rod to straighten or curl it. Your wigs will never feel like straw. All the wigs are presented professionally in a PVC bag with a card.

Here is one of our staff members, who got one of the Wigs Galore Cover Girl red bobs straight out of the bag and popped it on in our Warehouse - as you can see it looks exactly like the photo :-)