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MULLETS for mental health fundraiser - how I lost my brother to suicide

MULLETS for mental health fundraiser - how I lost my brother to suicide

Posted by The Wise Wig Woman on 29th Apr 2024

My story is not unique ... sadly ... it is all too common.

My name is Bron and I'm the manager at The Wig Outlet. And I lost my brother to suicide just before Christmas 2023. He was only 48.

With a history of anxiety and mental health struggles, my brother's family and friends had been trying to help him for more that a decade with specialist treatments, various stints in appropriate facilities, medication, therapy, experts on speed dial etc  But it is hard to help somebody who doesn't see their own worth or believe they are worth saving. The old adage of "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" rings very true. 

Last December, my brother finally ended his life in an act that upended many other lives, thrusting family and friends unwillingly into a confusing new reality facing the void my brother left.

No-one is ever the same again. A new sense of normal is hopefully found and the good memories start to outweigh the bad with time. But nobody ever truly forgets. 

I'm not angry with my brother or his decision. I understand his need in that moment to end his pain, to end feelings of hopelessness and that of being trapped by his situation. And of course I still love him. I miss him and would give literally anything to have him back.

But I really wish he didn't think that was his only choice. I wish so many things were different and that more services/options were available to him earlier in his life to help transform some destructive thought processes and habits earlier. That was in times when mental health was not seen so much as a 'real' issue as it is today ... and I'm so grateful that our society now views mental health as an important matter for individuals and the community at large.

That's why organisations like The Black Dog Institute are doing such important work to literally help thousands of people by offering hands-on services, tools and guidance BUT also raising awareness of the impacts and stats around mental health.

That's why this is the second year that The Wig Outlet is participating in the Black Dog Institute's "Mullets for Mental Health" campaign by donating $3 from every mullet sold in April (and just after). So it's a great time to get your mullet on for a worthy cause - only a few days left.

See our MULLET range here

Or if you'd prefer to make a direct donation then here's the link to our fundraising page on the Black Dog Institute - we'll be making one big donation in early May based on the amount of mullets sold.

Thanks for your participation!

UPDATE: We raised over $400 for The Black Dog Institute - thanks to all who bought a mullet in April!