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Game of Thrones Hot Couple - Danerys and Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Hot Couple - Danerys and Jon Snow

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on 28th Sep 2018

Bring on the FANTASY COUPLES! Love it all year round but especially at HALLOWEEN.

Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow ARE. THE. BOMB.



Cinderella, Snow White, Merida, Anna and Elsa — when it comes to Halloween costumes, royalty is all the rage. While the literary world has its fair share of queens and princesses to choose from, none are quite as amazing as the Mother of Dragons herself, so if you're going to pick one to be, make sure you dress up like Daenerys Targaryen this Halloween.

What you will need:

If you're lucky enough to have long locks the like Mother of Dragons, you can DIY her iconic braids. Otherwise, look for Dany-style wigs such as an Allaura Wig which includes a silver dragon necklace. Accessorise your do with gold clips and tiaras, and your hair transformation is complete.

If you're channeling the Khaleesi-style Daenerys this Halloween, it's all about leather and suede to pull off this look, you're going to want leather pants or leggings, a suede wrap skirt, lace-up bodysuits, leather vests, and tie-up sandals.

What about the dragons I hear you say?! Not a problem, because what is the Mother of Dragons without her scaly children. There are a few different ways you can pull of the dragon part of this costume. If you're dressing up solo, grab a few dragon stuffed animals to tuck under your arm or attach to your shoulder with safety pins. If you want to turn your Game of Thrones get-up into a group thing, you can have your friends buy dragon costumes or just don some wings.


Halloween is coming, and for those who want to dress up as their favourite heroes, why go for the usual choices of Batman or Superman? Let us suggest instead that you try a different sort of hero, We're talking about the character about to be formerly known as Jon Snow. Here are some DIY Jon Snow halloween costume ideas that you can easily pull off this Halloween.

What you will need

Before we get too much further, we need to talk about two very important things: the hair and the cape. Both of these are essential to the character and look.

Weather your going as Jon Snow from season 1 or the later seasons, Jon Snow's hair is very similar so you can leave it looking more rugged and unkempt or tied back into a nice man bun for the later seasons. You can achieve this look with the Allaura wig.

I would suggest anything that is leather can be worn and you can stencil on the Wolf emblems if you like, but all should be accessorised with a black cape that you can purchase from any costume store then attach fur trim if possible. If he's Season 1, the cloak's fur is white trim. If he's a Night's Watchman, it's black trim, and if he's left the night's watch to become King in the North, it's brown trim.