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Iconic Pulp Fiction Costume Retro Duo 2023 - Mia & Vincent

Iconic Pulp Fiction Costume Retro Duo 2023 - Mia & Vincent

Posted by The Wise Wig Woman on 23rd Aug 2023

If you think of one of the most recognisable 90’s movie couples, Pulp Fiction is front of mind. Strong and unique characters, let's pay homage to Vincent and Mia.  


Vincent Vega is a super costume for any fan of Pulp Fiction. His look is classic, Firstly, you will need a wig because Vincent’s long hair is a very important part of his character. I recommend the Vincent Vega Mens Costume Wig by Allaura, pull the hair back into a loose low pony or you can leave it out pulling some of the hair back behind the ears to give you that Vincent hair.

Vincent is instantly recognisable by his black suit, you will also need a white shirt, if you can not find a boho tie, then a black tie is a great replacement. Pull out your best leather black shoes, wear a black watch with black strap and finish this look of with a toy gun.


As a massive figure in pop culture and movie fashion, Mia Wallace is a fantastic choice for any dress up occasion. Her outfit in the movie is very well-known and quite simple to replicate effortlessly, with most of the elements sure to already be in your wardrobe.

Let's start with Mia’s sleek flapper black bob - I recommend Allaura's black bob wig. Besides Mia’s clothes her hair is instantly recognisable. Lots of sleek black bob options on The Wig Outlet website.

You will also need a white, slightly oversized shirt with a button or two undone, put a black bandeau or bra under the shirt and have it peeking out, black suit pants that are cropped or you can crop them yourself. Then to finish gold flat shoes to replicate her own gold Chanel ones, you can complete the look with fake cigarettes.

To enhance the look, even more, you can try to replicate Mia's makeup look. Smokey eye makeup and red lipstick are what she wears, so try your best to give yourself a similar look. YouTube tutorials are your best friend when it comes to recreating makeup looks. Also, you can paint your nails a deep red, just as she has hers done.