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The Addams Family - still one of the most popular Halloween costume families!

The Addams Family - still one of the most popular Halloween costume families!

Posted by The Makeup Stylist on 28th Sep 2018

One of the most iconic and popular family costumes are the Addams Family!


What you will need

There is a lot to be said about such a kooky woman — who also managed to come off as strong, powerful and capable. After all, she was the glue that held that insane family together.

If you are not already blessed with long straight dark black hair, the Morticia long black wig is perfect by Allaura.

A long black dress with a plunging neckline to show off your fabulous pale skin and necklace, paint your nails red and complete the looked with dark smokey eye makeup, defined brows and bright red lips. You will be the envy of all the Goth Queens!


What you will need

Thanks to their enormous fortune, Gomez and his family fill their days with hobbies, not work. He’ll occasionally deal with business, but for the most part he’s just interested in having fun.

If you are wanting to go as Gomez from the 1960s TV series then you will need to part your wig on the side and keep the hair flat, Gomez from the 1990s film is a little more sleek. You will also need to grow a thin mustache or buy a stick on either way you will look suave.Use some wax to sleek down the Allaura costume wig and mo.

Gomez always wore a suit, so you can go the plain grey suit from the show or a bolder choice with stripes from the movie, black leather shoes with a fake cigar!


Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” And Wednesday became her name. Perfect for a child like Wednesday Addams!

What you will need

If you already have long black hair part your hair down the middle and braid each side and tie each braid with a red bow. Otherwise the Wednesday Addams braided wig by Allaura is ready to just put on to complete your goulish look.

A white buttoned up shirt with a over dress in black will give you that Wednesday look, couple it with black stockings and black wedge shoes or boots and you are all dressed to unimpress!

Wednesday has a very solemn look about her so dark eyes with a natural lip, you can carry around with you a skull or her famous headless doll to complete your look!